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Hostname                         Key                                                   Failures RTT  Status            @oqkBi0czedWJNPmc36jcJZ40tKNL3zT91K1P9rviipA=.ed25519 0        745  connected               @uII4xYkFzuoAYz4Qg+ZC4OoT7lp6cGnM4zR3XRFEHTU=.ed25519 0        547  connected             @CFaZuctqiVxiHentlafdtBDhMf2IDGF+b831SxwGoIA=.ed25519 816      ?    connecting

3113 feeds served

- [ limiting trust and replication overreach ] -

Public invite servers like this one are spammy and not meant as a permanent residence.
Once you make some friends, the client can find other (non-public) servers which
are better suited in the long run.

After you get bunch (>10) of people (not automated bots like this one) follow you,
please unfollow this pub. It will still store feeds you're interested in and client
will keep downloading those from here, but you'll no longer get hammered by feeds of
other, unrelated people the pub follows.

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